Greater Good Ranch who we are...

You'll find us in the Salish Mountains of Montana, just west of Kalispell on 32 acres of land that borders public land and national forest.

Our affiliate, Greater Good Points, focuses on Equine and Canine Bodywork which incorporates assessment skills to treat symptoms through anatomical considerations, western phisiology, eastern and energetic concepts. This manual therapy work includes biomechanics related to motility, fluid pressures and tensions.

Nancy provides sessions on horses and dogs with techniques that include work using Tucker BioKinetic Body Checkups and Tucker BioKinetic Alignment, Masterson Method® - Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork. Modalities practiced also include Acupressure, Physical and Energy Healing, Red Light, Cold Laser, Equine Massage and Essential Oils.

Nancy specifically teaches pre-work for owners, handlers to better their awareness, intent and connection. Equine and Canine Bodywork incorporates assessment skills, TCM meridians and acupressure points.

When I first walked this property the immediate feeling was of strong, deep connection and that I was home. Since this property came into my life extreme changes have occured that tested my mind, emotions, body, spirit and soul. Having persevered and prospered through 'it' all, things are now as they are meant to be. My intent remains resiliant that this land and those it supports will be cared for in a natural state to remain healthy and clean for the greater good for all.

Decades ago I watched a PBS special - Evelyn Cameron - "Pictures from a worthy life”. The phrase “Worthy life" resonated in such a strong way, and combined with another phrase - “Find your bliss” by Joseph Cambell, I’ve been seeking to create a daily existence that would honor these words, these intentions. What do I have to offer others that could be called worthy? What can I share that comes from my soul and life experiences that is unique and that can, in turn, spark someone to discover their greatness or bliss? Finally I am happy to be on track - school of hard knocks, life experiences and decades of study and filtering have guided me to find a purpose! My work is unique and shares tips and techniques with people to discover, recognize and make peace with life and specifically, their own heartfelt style of horsemanship.

There are patterns in life - along with trust your gut, go with the flow, listen to your heart and common sense that are not just gifts but skills that need to be honed and refined so that every being can live their own version of "a worthy life". Whether teaching, computer consulting, working with dogs, horses or people the analytical skills, emotional and physical skills and abilities can be recognized and balanced for better success. That study is what my life's work is about, that is what every challenge, data loss, obstacle, wood fence, closed door and brick wall has taught me. Giving up or quitting is not an option - the only option is to find a way. Whether knee deep in computer code, snow or manure - there is a way to succeed without damaging someone or something. A single thought, tip, action, movement or keystroke can... change... everything... Think it, feel it, do it - make it count. When necessary - do it over, with modifications until it is right.

We all have the right to life. 'We', as in every living being, not 'we' as in humanity... While many parts of the world are being destroyed in the hands of humanity, there are way more people focusing on creating, growing, cleaning up, making life better and being kind to all. My personal goal is that one day - we all can just 'be'. One day there won't be anyone or anything that needs rescuing or saving. We - in partnership with nature and physics - can grow and create everything we need to support ourselves without destroying others, without taking or controlling that which is unethical. The golden rule in every language and spiritual connection is honored here at GGR.

We can feed the energy that we want in our lives by working hard with skills and intent. We hope to see you on the trail, in classes and private sessions.

The above is a photo of my three horses. I played around with the filter gallery in Adobe Photoshop until I was satisfied with the results. The letters combined in "Greater Good Ranch" were created in Adobe Illustrator - thanks to a tutorial from "Deke's techniques". I then moved them to Photoshop to size and combine the letters into words and a logo...

Nancy Horne