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Anna Twinney – Clinic – photos and a video link

The Anna Twinney – Reach out to Horses clinic held at the Greater Good Ranch was amazing. We had a full group of amazing people. Gearing up for another clinic next year. These photos are from Day 1 in the morning and Day 3 Obstacle course. Watch the video to get an idea of how much information Anna gleaned from 12 minutes with Mikaila.

Video Link: Round pen with Mikaila

Anna Twinney and Mikaila – Assessment2169

Hi Anna – you don’t mind if we just stand here do you?2160

Engaged in all 3 gaits



Companion walking




Connecting with Starry


Obstacle Course Sunday





2288 2290

2293 2294 2305




Reinvent the Spark: Remember when…

“If not now, when?”

Reinvent the Spark: Remember when…

  • Your heart was full and totally connected to horses?
  • Your daughter or son spent all their time with horses but now they’ve moved on to adult life

and now?…

  • You feed, care for but worry the horse is not ‘being used’ and the horse is simply a pasture ornament?
  • You feel disconnected, can’t communicate or don’t know how to spend time together at this juncture in life?

Now is a good time to reinvent and rekindle your passion!  There is so much more to horses than simply riding…

Bring your horse here or I’ll visit you.

We will evaluate your combined dynamics, explore the needs and desires for interaction and establish the ability to communicate with each other where you both are in your journey now.

I’ll share with you some ‘connection bodywork’ techniques that enhance emotional, physical, spiritual balance.

I’ll share tools to establish a deeper relationship between you both, to recognize the smallest of responses and tips to interpret their meaning.

I’ll guide the plan for moving forward with enriching activities for sharing time, connecting and ultimately discovering – within yourself – a deep and rich inner peace.
Call Nancy today for an appointment 406-756-2327

This horse is (not) a bucker! Look for the magic and you will find it

This is stated many ways for people – we are not our actions ‘what we do’, we are not ‘how we react’… Yet this is how we describe animals, and it is only one tiny piece of their life. A change can be made so the behavior can be a thing of the past.

The beautiful horse I met last night touched my heart. A horse that is a reactive introvert who is born into the world of a sport he is not suited for – mentally, emotionally, physically – will react. The reaction may be small at first – or it may be huge, depending on his desire to be heard. Regardless, the reaction is based on an opinion that the horse has on how we are with him – how we are using him, using his body, controlling his life.

If a horse is being asked to interact and he isn’t especially keen on humans, he is going to put any obstacle available between himself and the human. If he is in a paddock with foals – that is the obstacle he will put between himself and the invader. He is not a wimp because he hides behind a foal. That is the only tool he has and he is using it wisely to his advantage. It was clear by the catching dance the level of interest or curiosity he had which was not so much. I could have gone up and haltered him immediately – that is what most people do. I don’t often halter a horse if they choose to stay with me after our connection. I want the feedback of what allows them to stay and what makes them leave. But what if I’d stopped there – walked away before connection – having given him only that much time? Instead of walking away I asked for connection, I asked for tolerance, patience and to accept my touch. I got all those things – hopefully not only because he was haltered (not by me). We worked, tested boundrys, changed his mind about people. A lot changed not only with him but the two foals as well. Funny how good energy ripples through a herd.

When faced with avoidance, what if the human approaches with a polite ask and genuine heart felt  interest? What if the human gives him time to decide if there might be something in this connection should he choose to allow himself to be approached and touched? This is where the magic happens – when we combine our energy into interaction that is agreeable to us both. It is about exploring each others openness, level of trust and interest in what we both have to offer. Humans easily share themselves with other humans equally. How often do we share ourselves with other species in a mutual relationship? When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open and we seek to find each others gifts – that is when we understand ‘what this horse is’ – or more accurately – ‘who’ this horse is in his heart and what he is capable of. From that moment on – he is no longer whatever he’s been called.

All too often we ‘size up’ people, horses, dogs based on how they react in given situations. What often goes unheeded is their response to our energy – combined with the surroundings, their energy and what is being asked or expected in a given situation. When we approach we have expectations, questions, an attitude, thoughts, we project energy… Others see us as interesting, overwhelming, self absorbed, controlling or maybe open to connect.

What if – from birth – we allowed and nurtured this connection? What if we allowed everyone to seek and find what works for them? While it’s great to  breed for bloodlines, sport and to educate throughout ones life – it is also imperative to allow other outlets for abilities that don’t fit in the mainstream flowchart.

I believe it is time to intenionally allow other species to ‘be’. I believe there has to be a place for all to live and thrive on this planet outside of our control. Horses can take care of themselves as long as they can find food and water which is provided by the earth, not by humanity. We all need a place to go when we don’t fit in where we are at. Just my two cents worth…

Reach Out To Horses – 3 day Clinic

This clinic has concluded but we plan to offer a clinic with Anna Twinney again next year.

Every single minute of all 3 days was absolutely amazing and perfect! The clinic was a huge success!

June 26 and 27 will be at the Greater Good Ranch in Kila MT.  This will be an amazing clinic!  Questions: Nancy 406-756-2327 Sign up before May 15 for the reduced rate.

Due to an overwhelming response, the riding portion of the clinic on June 28th will change locations to the Johnson Ranch in Bigfork, MT. There is an 8 rider/horse limit but auditors will be limited to about 20 people.

Sign up on Anna’s website

The easy in/out trailer in fee for the day at the Johnson Ranch is $20. There may be limited dry paddock facilities for overnight at $35.




Plum Creek land – please read

Updated: Steve from PC came out the same day I posted this story. We walked the land and he agreed the problem is extensive.
I was not satisfied with the results of our conversation so I called the county weed department. I just got a call back saying that PC will log the land and Steve agreed they will spray the weeds this Fall. PC, The weed dept and I will follow up with landowners to be sure all is well.
Original post:
Plum Creek – Hwy 2 office in Kalispell MT – Steve
Steve Since you didn’t call back or come out as promised- here is the knapweed and spruce budworm that I wanted to show you.
Will Plum Creek please take care of your Weeds and Spruce Budworm? My neighbors and I simply can’t manage our land when it borders your unmanaged land… If nothing else – knapweed and Mullein are medicinal – please harvest them for sustainability and income.
The Spruce Budworm just spent 5 years going through this area with only one year reprieve. As you can see- they are back in full force and about to hatch and eat our forest.







Mullein and knapweed – medicinal or noxious weeds




Knapweed new growth and last years flower stem




Thanks for listening! – Steve email me!

Anna Twinney – Gentling Mustangs ROTH style

Anna Twinney will be here at Greater Good Ranch
June 26-18 2015
This video is from Anna’s youtube channel. Check out her videos, Check out her website. Go to the Events page – and if you are interested – sign up for the clinic here at GGR!!

“Sharing space, food as comfort, food as reward, advance and retreat, water gentling and pole gentling, these are all ways Anna suggests you may wish to gentle your Mustang. Each method may be effective depending on your personal circumstance, environment, ability and horses’ history and style. Expanding your knowledge to encompass that which suits your needs in order to prevent inappropriate behavior and allow the correct behavior to be encouraged. Gentling a Mustang requires a conversation, this means the topic has been chosen but the dialogue has yet to be created. Discover the possibilities of a flexible program through true communication. Come save a horse from a holding pen and discover your true potential with ROTH.

Wild Horses

In this day of extreme polarity of supporting wild horses or removing them we are either on the side of finding a solution or a part of their demise. If there are successful and ethical ranchers out there who remain silent regarding the removal of wild horses – then they are right there with the ranchers and the BLM fighting for their demise.
I just watched PBS – “Earth a new wild” where Allen Savory of Savory institute -(…/our-team/allan-savory/) successfully studied the healing of the grasslands in South Africa. He succeeded by vastly increasing the numbers of animals in herds of wild animals (and cows too) to tightly as a pack graze areas swiftly and move through which is the perfect mix of churning the land, crushing in grass and compost, and grazing the grass lower for grouse and all beings. Birds and other animals numbers have increased along with healthy grasslands – Everything has benefited.
It seems with this successful study that horse numbers should be INCREASED along with the use of cow herds as long as they are kept moving. To remove the horses and dump cows in their place and not keep them moving is the exact opposite of this successful study which clearly benefits all. 
It fully seems that what horses do for the land only benefits the land. It seems that education for the ranchers and the BLM is desperately needed if what I heard is correct. Why are these ethical ranchers not working right along side to save the wild horses and ultimately the health of our land?

Greater Good Ranch is under way!

It took a long time to get here – but here we are!

Be sombody. The headlines you make in this life will be based on the difference you made in the lives of others. – Philosophy, Inc.

“If you celebrate your differentness, the world will, too. It believes exactly what you tell it – through the words you use to describe yourself, the actions you take to care for yourself, and the choices you make to express yourself. Tell the world you are one of a kind creation who came here to experience wonder and spread joy. Expect to be accommodated.”

– Victoria Moran